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 No name for now

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Dark Princess

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PostSubject: No name for now   Wed Aug 20, 2008 7:26 am

Random idea that popped in my head.

A girl of about sixteen sat down on a bench in a park. Her long silver hair flowed slightly in the slight night breeze. Her brilliant green eyes were glistening with the moonlight. Her death pale skin had an erie glow to it. The night sounds were as enticing as a trickle of blood from a smooth white throat. Then all the smells were intoxicating as well as interesting to have around her.
Suddenly a cracking of a twig awoke her from her trance of the night and her had snapped up, causing her hair to wave down her back. A shadow moved out of place with the trees. Ah a little hunter, she thought with pleasure. How about I teach him a little hunting trick of my own?
"Oh little boy come here. I can tell were you are and catch you before you could ever even try to get away." her voice sounded like a wind chime.
The boy stepped out. He had brown hair, brown eyes, and a delicious peach tone to his skin. His eyes were opened wide with fear and excitement. It was like he wanted to be discovered by her in the night. How odd, she thought.
"Who a-a-re y-y-ou?" the boy stuttered, his voice was harsh like a humans. It still had a bit of adolescence in it. So he couldn't have been more then fourteen or fifteen.
"My name is Shard. What may I ask is yours?" she replied, a seductive smile showing on her face.
"E-e-e-ric." his voice was still shaky.
"Well come over here and sit next to me. You must be tired form what time of night it is. Why don't you rest here?" Shard said in a voice so smooth that it would only take one word to make any person do what she wanted.
Eric did as he was told and surprisingly he was worn out. Just a moment ago he had been way too keyed up to do anything. Shard looked totally content to have him there, It was kinda amusing to her to hear his heartbeat speed up. She smiled and ran her fingers down Eric's neck. His skin was warm and she could feel his fast pulse go through his veins.
"Calm yourself. There is no need to be so tense. I wont hurt you. Not at all. I swear." Shard crooned. Her voice went smoother then silk and it was calmer then soft music.
"I think my mother would be worried. Good night." he said standing. He ran at full sprint towards the trees and Shard allowed him too. There would be other things to eat later.
Shard closes her eyes and allowed the night to engulf her again. She could still hear the footsteps of Eric and the wind once again calmed her down. It was as if she never was interrupted from her trance. The night went just like that peaceful and quiet.
As the first rays of dawn appeared Shard stood and stretched. It was as if she had just sat down a few seconds ago instead of it being a few hours ago. She sighed happily at the memory of Eric's flushed face.
"Well Time for so zoning out." Shard muttered as she walked into what her home was. An abandon house. No one lived in it for years and now there isn't even a for sale sign.
The bottom floor had a kitchen, living room and one small bathroom. The top floor was just an attic. It had one window, some boxes with clothes, and a little knapsack. Shard went straight to the bag and opened it. In it was an old family portrait, a little rose colored box and a sapphire ring. She picked up the ring and twisted it in between her fingers. There could never be a ring like it on her fingers and there wouldn't. Not while she was like this, not when she was one of the damned, the undead.
Shard placed the ring in the box and took the bag over to the farthest corner from the window. She then curled up around the bag and let her mind wander. Her eyes glazing over.
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Admin Methuselah

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PostSubject: Re: No name for now   Wed Aug 20, 2008 9:53 pm

Wow, this is awesome! I love the kid part. It was very well detailed. ^.^ g1
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Dark Princess

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PostSubject: Re: No name for now   Fri Aug 29, 2008 4:17 am


"Andre you better get in here or I'm going to call your father." a woman of about thirty six screamed after a boy with blond hair, blue eyes and really pale skin.
"What's that old man gonna do. He hasn't done anything but go into his office and work 24/7." Andre muttered too low for his mother to hear.
He kept walking and before he even realized it Shadow Rose High school was right in front of him. The building was red brick while pretty much the whole inside was black. Most people joke and say it is haunted bcause of the school colours. Crimson and black. As Andre walked in a group of boys walked over to him. There were three. Devon, Eric, and Rick. Eric with his brown hair and eyes, Devon with blond hair and dull hazel eyes. Rick looked just like his twin, Devon.
"Yo dude, what's up? I could hear you mom yelling at you from two houses down this morning." Eric said, his voice still sounded like he just woke up.
"The same thing that she's always yellin' at me for. I decided I was going to walk to school and not even try to drive that old bucket of bolts she calls a car." Andre relpied, his voice a bit too harsh.
"Hey come one we're gonna be late if we don't get up-" Devon tried to say. He stopped short because a growl came from the other end of the hall.
Standing at the other end of the hall was a girl with brilliant red hair and emerald green eyes. Her face would have been cute if it wasn't twisted into a scowl. If you looked really hard you could see that she had a slight limp in her walk as she came to the group of boys. Her black combat boots clicked on the monoliem and her ankle lenghth cream dress was like a sheath.
"Good morning Jessica. How was your night?" Eric asked in polite voice. He always is trying to get on her good side. Andre thought bitterly.
"Oh don't even try that crap Eric. I saw you with that girl last night. Where is she or does she go to college?" Jessica's voice was almost murderous.
Rick and Devon whispered in French to each other. They had taken the langugue and now that they knew Andre and Eric couldn't understand them they talked in it a lot. Eric paled while Andre just turned and walked away. Jessica wasn't known for being a nice person at all. Up in the ninth grade hall teachers lined the halls. They were always trying to see one of the students doing something stupid.
"Andy!" a shrill voice called. Andre almost graoned. Why did she come to ruin my morning even more?
"Hi Sarah. Look I'm going to be late so what's up?" his voice wa a bit too harsh again.
"I wanted to know if you were going to the dance on Friday. It's supposed to b wild." Sarah said, she still hadn't caught up with Andre.
"No I have other plans." Andre said. "not that I would ask you to go with me." he muttered as he walked into class. Let the delusional teaching begin.
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PostSubject: Re: No name for now   Sat Aug 30, 2008 9:54 pm

omg this is fun to read. ^///^

but change paragraphs when you change points of view. it'll be easier to read.
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PostSubject: moncler jackets   Mon Nov 01, 2010 4:53 pm

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PostSubject: Re: No name for now   

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No name for now
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